Entrepreneurship is the essence of the Group’s philosophy. We also believe that putting both your heart and soul into your work will lead to the best results. That is why the ND Group fosters out-of-the-box thinking and creative problem-solving. ND Group leaders are entrepreneurs themselves. They speak the same language and share the same spirit as the people of the ND Group companies. ND Group brings experience, operational know-how, financial strength, and business acumen to each investment.

The ND Group doesn’t follow the traditional way of thinking, focusing on short-term success and making decisions based only on financial parameters. Our mission is to create sustainable value. By dedicating the right combination of management, capital, time, and operational expertise the company turns challenging situations into successful investments while fostering long-term growth. The Group is committed to enhancing the operations of its companies by working hands-on, while also respecting a company’s management team.

Our door is always open to innovative entrepreneurs with their own individual stories. Based on our broad international experience and background in developed as well as less-developed parts of the world, the ND Group is particularly interested in investing in market sectors like Services and Infrastructure, Energy, Real Estate, Fashion, FinTech, Food and Beverage, and Technology. The company is always on the lookout for innovative ideas and new businesses and encourages collaboration with entrepreneurial start-ups.

Strategic principles

Based on our business philosophy, we follow three strategic principles throughout the investment and business generation process:

  • Focus on sectors where we can establish a competitive advantage and enhance value;
  • Grow in sectors where we can leverage our established brands, networks, and business competencies;
  • Make each of our businesses a market leader or close second to derive maximum benefits from our economies of scale.


ND Group brings a fresh perspective to existing investment approaches, underscored by agile and flexible decision-making. We have gained broad expertise in multiple industry sectors and are flexible enough to not become boxed in by sector borders.  We cooperate with a broad network of trusted advisors and consultants who bring solid experience and integrity from their respective businesses.

The capital and added value we provide is typically deployed to drive additional growth through repositioning the business in an existing local market or expanding to international markets. Within the ND Group and affiliated companies, we have deep experience in technical and support services, supply chain and logistics, environmental services, property development, manufacturing, energy, FinTech, and technology.

At nd GROUP we appreciate being open and exploring unconventional opportunities. We are also selective and focus on long-term business performance. We do not put exit scenarios high in the investment-decision criteria, but base our strategy on strong fundamentals of the business. ND Group focuses on opportunities that create economic value in such ways that value is also created for the environment in which we operate. We select opportunities in which not only our financial capabilities are decisive, but also where our know-how and capabilities can make the difference.

ND Group searches for investments across a wide variety of industries at various stages of growth and with different transaction volumes, predominantly in emerging markets. We conduct diligent research globally to evaluate target companies and industries, and focus on opportunities with prospects to create long-term value. The ND Group is agile and creative when evaluating opportunities and is typically able to quickly proceed with transactions.