Portfolio company hosts responsible business event in Tetovo

12 Oct 2017

ND Group portfolio company, Ecolog International, has hosted a high-profile debate on the subject of responsible business and the environment at its offices in Tetovo, Macedonia. ND…[read more]

Former Ecolog International FZE CEO Paul Broekhuijsen joins ND Group BV

18 Sep 2017

ND Group is pleased to announce that Paul Broekhuijsen has been appointed as CEO. Paul, aged 61 and a Dutch national, is a seasoned business leader with…[read more]

nd GROUP joins prestigious Düsseldorf Ständehaus Meeting featuring Angela Merkel

24 May 2017

Just three days before winning the game-changing North Rhine-Westphalia state election, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was the featured guest at the prominent Düsseldorf Ständehaus-Treff, or Standehaus Meeting,…[read more]

nd GROUP appoints Kaan Savul as Chief Marketing Officer

18 Nov 2016

As nd GROUP moves to the next phase of its growth, a marketing expert became crucial to strengthen the team. And so nd GROUP has appointed German…[read more]

nd GROUP appoints Ulrich Krockenberger as Chief Legal Officer

07 Nov 2016

The nd GROUP has appointed Ulrich Krockenberger (German national, 46 years old) as Chief Legal Officer of nd GROUP BV. Krockenberger started his career with an assignment in…[read more]