care for people, planet, future
care for people, planet, future
We are passionate about technology and are profoundly committed to creating lasting impact by empowering companies, entrepreneurs and innovative minds to create a more sustainable, efficient and inclusive future. For us, success is anchored in the values we aspire to live every day.
Established in 2008, nd Group is an international private equity and portfolio holding company based in Netherlands with presence in the U.K., Germany, UAE and the U.S.
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Investing in what matters
We care for
  • People
    Our business is dedicated to enhancing people’s lives and livelihoods. Our focus is not only on the technology but also on the people behind the investments, whom we help challenge conventional thinking and build up great businesses.
  • Planet
    Our commitment to a Net-Zero world directs our investments towards innovative technologies and solutions that could enable human race combat climate change, primary resources and protect our planet.
  • Future
    Investments are also about creating long lasting impact, building resilience and bringing a positive influence for future generations.
Diversified Group Portfolio
Sector Leading & Innovative Companies
  • E-Mobility
    Driving the mass adoption of EVs to reshape the future of mobility for the public good.
  • Autonomous Driving
    Solving today’s and tomorrow’s transportation challenges more sustainably, efficiently and effectively.
  • Alternative Energy
    Supporting innovation and growth in clean energy, alternative fuels and sustainable carbon lifecycle.
  • Logistics Solutions
    Integrated smart services for multi-sector large operations.
  • Healthcare
    Dreaming that the word "impossible" will no longer take place in public health one day.
  • FinTech
    Fostering financial inclusion and enabling smart money solutions without borders.
  • Resources of the Future
    We pursue the idea of respectful and sustainable usage of resources to support our lives in future.
  • Water Technologies
    Water is the foundation for all of our lives. The future is decentralized, regenerative, ocean-safe and renewable.
  • Real Estate
    We invest into commercial and residential real estate in both established and emerging markets.
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& Views
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  • Next.e.GO Mobile SE Announces Global Partnership with Neymar Jr.
  • Next.e.GO Mobile enables its customers to trade their CO2 certificates (GHG quota)
  • Release of “e.GO Connect” App and production of 1000th battery electric vehicle
  • Release of “e.GO Connect” App and production of 1000th battery electric vehicle
  • e.GO Mobile announces launch of smart Battery Swap service
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